Experience profound change
In all the important areas of your life
In ONE powerful, clarifying week!

= Psychic Chakra Aura Map


"I had such a wonderful PsyCAM™ session with Sage on Saturday! The channeled information is validating, revealing, highly inspirational and full of great suggestions that are detailed and immediately do-able all at the same time!


I drove 5 hours just to experience this in person, and it totally exceeded my expectations. Since the PsyCAM™ VIP Experience, I've been doing Sage's Self-Love meditation and have been receiving reinforcing messages to love myself more! The result so far? I feel more balanced, more energetic and more than ready to have joyful experience undertaking these steps towards achieving my Divine Mission - all with ease and grace. I highly recommend a PsyCAM™ VIP Experience with Sage!

~ Rebecca Chang



"Heartfelt thanks to Sage, Archangel Michael and all the other guides who showed up for my PSYCAM™ session!

I felt so very loved, nourished, supported, understood, validated, "seen," cherished, empowered and liberated throughout the day. And I felt such love and release during the channeled-especially-for-me prayer. I was actually moved to tears a few times during Sage’s special prayer.


It feels wonderful beyond words to now have a map and picture of where I was on April 6, 2012 and what a much "Higher" possibility is for me, along with knowledge of and a feeling of connection with new loving supportive guides. I now have divinely inspired action steps to move me more and more to progressively Lighter and Brighter possibilities!

I now feel more faith and trust in my ability (with assistance, of course!) to create the life of my dreams! Thank you, Sage and AA Michael!"

~ Stephanie Pannell



"A PSYCAM™ is to a regular psychic reading as a Porsche is to a Pinto. This was WAY more than a reading. Sage, your PsyCAM™ changed my life! I have been getting all types of readings and healings for the past 20 years and this blows everything else away. No comparison. I would recommend it to anyone and tell them: ‘If you only do ONE thing this whole year to improve yourself and your life, make it a PsyCAM™ with Sage. It will change your life once and for all."

~ Eric Ellis


What is a ?

is a unique spiritual experience in which Sage, a gifted intuitive clairvoyant and clairaudient who sees auras, actually DRAWS a picture (map) of your energy field and CHANNELS the essential information you need to heal your life NOW.

covers all life areas:
Life Purpose, Love, Wealth, Health, Spirit Guides.

By the end of the week, you have hope, customized tools, channeled guidance and a personal blueprint for moving forward into JOY.

Sage is the only channel providing readings on Earth.

stands for
Psychic Chakra Aura Map,

...A revolutionary private intuitive energy and aura scan and transformational in-depth life coaching session that features heartful prayer, energy healing, channeled messages from your guides and angels AND the customized SCAN AND COLORED DRAWING OF YOUR ENERGY FIELD!

Your will reveal the true condition of your entire energy field including your chakras & how you can energetically clear out the blocks so you can succeed in ALL areas of your life.

Sage’s guides and Archangel Michael taught her how to use her gifts in this remarkable way, since her Near Death Experiences, angel encounter and shamanic initiation in 1994.

If you are wondering what you really came here to do…

If you are frustrated with how long it is taking you to really improve in some life areas such as career, loving relationships, health or intuitive growth…

If you have an open mind and heart and are willing to really do what it takes to prosper, thrive and shine…

Your VIP Week with Sage will provide you with a PERSONALIZED, CLEAR BLUEPRINT AND IMMEDIATELY IMPLEMENTABLE ACTION PLAN for making the rest of your life, the BEST of your life.

You will walk away with a much deeper understanding of yourself and how to effectively manifest your desires and goals more quickly and easily than you even imagined possible.

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"Sage conducted a PsyCAM™ session with me and I was amazed by her insight and moved by the love that pours out of her heart and permeates everything that she writes and says. Her prayers are beyond beautiful and her knowledge about what my body, mind, and spirit need to heal and flourish deeply resonated with me.

I highly recommend the PsyCAM™ session to ANYONE....no matter how healthy they think they are. The extra knowledge about why you are, who you are, and where you are going is empowering in such a positive and safe way. I am deeply grateful to Sage and the precious gifts she shared with me."

~ Dr. Lori Siemens


Why do you need a ?

Finally! You will learn the Highest Truth & stop struggling.

You will gain insight into your destiny, your Soul Quality and Questions, and the exact Highest Truths that are the perfect energetic remedies to replace the limiting beliefs that were keeping you stuck for years.

And you will be empowered, energized and enlightened into a deeper remembering of WHO YOU ARE.

Knowing where your chakras are blocked, where there are cords, entities, limiting beliefs, separation lines, who your angels and spirit guides are and what they've been trying to tell you, discovering how to open your own Third Eye/Inner Ear to enhance your own intuitive abilities - all of this is essential to your spiritual development, success in life, work, $ and love.

Imagine how much easier life will be when you have this clarity and a stronger connection to Source and your own angels and guides.

And the most important thing you will gain is you find out the exact REMEDIES, Body, Mind, Heart & Spirit to heal yourself --
so you get clear and in gear for your dream life!

There are so many choices nowadays for self-help books, coaching programs, spiritual teachings, workshops, holistic healing methods. You could spend decades, thousands of dollars, even your entire life chasing down the latest “bright shiny object” or you can get divine guidance, get focused, and learn the EXACT practices for self-healing and the EXACT customized healing and coaching you need right now, based on the true condition of your Body~Mind~Heart~ and Soul and the highest guidance from Archangel Michael, and other archangels and ascended masters.

Stop wasting time and money on the wrong techniques and choices, and let Spirit tell you what you REALLY need to do to improve your life.

You should also know that Sage is not the kind of psychic who sets up dependent relationships with her clients. She will honor and help you build and trust your own intuitive gifts, and always wants you to only follow the recommendations that resonate with your own being.

Sage has done over 700 of these life-changing sessions. In every case, clients have told her that the was 100% accurate. Yet she takes no credit for the miracles of truth that are revealed because she knows that her job is to be a pure, hollow vessel for Spirit. The message is what matters, not the messenger.

"Astoundingly accurate & empowering"
"This is exactly what I needed to know.
Wow. I feel totally validated and motivated now!"
"This was worth every penny, and I wish I’d done this years ago!"

These are typical comments after getting your .
Read what others are saying:


"A PsyCAM™ VIP Package is an experience like nothing else. It covers everything! Your PsyCAM™ will shine light on all your blocks and areas you still need to shift. Sage’s accuracy is incredible. And you will use the guidance you get for a long time.

And the specific channeled messages Sage provides from AAMichael and other guides are life-changing. I have changed so much since working with Sage and getting the Omndimensional Healing™ and Coaching as a VIP client. It’s one of the best investments I’ve ever made and I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Seeing how my PsyCAM™ changed over time was incredibly validating! And I can feel the results myself. I’ve grown so much with Sage’s help, I can’t even put it into words. I spend more time on self-love now, and I really get that I deserve to feel happy! I take better care of myself, I allow myself - and schedule - the time to take walks and feel the sun on my face, be in nature, I even hug trees!

And I like myself! I don’t think I could have even said that before. I had so much crap, baggage, that probably wasn’t even mine. The healings helped me set myself free from all of that!

And my spiritual development has been amazing. I now meditate twice a day now and tune in to Spirit. My intuition is much stronger, too. [One of Sandi's Omnidimensional Healings™ was specifically to open her Third Eye.]

At the PsyCAM™ and healing & coaching, I gained so much clarity about my business, being in the right direction, and how to fulfill my purpose, that was huge for me.

The 1:1 business coaching with Sage is unbelievable.

Sage helped me take my website to a whole new level... so I can charge what I’m worth and really get out there and succeed with my business and help the people I came here to serve.

Sage is a truly gifted, wise, loving and empowering intuitive, mentor, healer and coach and working with her 1:1 will be one of the best choices you ever make." ~ Sandra Cherry, www.financialadvocatesforseniors.com



"The PsyCAM™ VIP Package with Sage helps you really figure out what has been going on energetically for you and what you can do about it so you can move forward with your life!

Sage's aura drawing is amazing, and her channeling really helped me get clarity on my right path.

There is no other reading or intuitive experience anything like this and it was worth every penny.

I am so glad I treated myself to this! And I'm also really looking forward to my Omnidimensional Healing™! Sage can help you understand & empower yourself more than you can even imagine."

~ Yvette Broussal


is not just another psychic reading.
It is far more empowering and life changing!

Sage and many of her clients are living proof that yes,
you CAN have it all:

Health, Wealth, Love & Happiness.

You deserve it! Let Sage and your guides and angels help you get the higher information you need so you can manifest abundance, improve health, find lasting soulmate love and fulfill your best destiny.


addresses ALL life areas: Love, Health, Life Purpose, $$$ Prosperity, Angels & Spirit Guides


does not just "predict" the future. It is the roadmap of your best choices that EMPOWERS YOU to create your best life. You have free will for a reason! You are creating your reality. will help you make the best choices for your own path.


reveals the actual condition of your energy field (aura) and chakras, identifies blocks, cords or entities. You will benefit from your personalized colored chakra & aura drawing, and the channelings, for many months and years to come.


Sage channels your guides & archangels. You will find out exactly how you can HEAL your own Body, Mind, Heart & Soul so you finally thrive & prosper!

How Does It Work?
Don’t I Need to Be in the Room?

Actually, you don’t because there are no limitations at the level of Spirit, Consciousness, Energy and Love. Sage tunes into the infinite matrix of Light and accesses your energy field remotely, with your permission.
We simply meet by phone at an arranged time. The accuracy of the channeled reading and soul drawing and the empowerment of the coaching will be just as effective if we meet by phone or Skype. My VIP clients are all over the globe!

Some VIP clients prefer to fly or drive in for this special week to have the personal experience of being in the same room. The choice is yours. (Lodging is not included, yet we can recommend some lovely nearby hotels and will even provide airport dropoff/pickup if desired at no extra charge! As well as a gourmet, healthy organic lunch.)

Your comprehensive VIP Package includes:


Preparatory assignment and special prayers and energy healing by Sage in advance to optimize your results and success.


Deep, heartfelt spiritual prayer to open your session. This brings in all the divine helpers, angels and ascended masters and, even though this is not a healing session, the prayer often facilitates profound healing.


Approximately 6 to 7 enlightening, empowering hours with Sage and the angels and ascended masters.


MP3 download of your entire session for future reference.


Colored drawing and ALL channeled messages in writing, mailed to you via post, so you don't miss one word of wisdom.


Your customized Self-Healing "Homelove" Program so you move forward and get results.


Metaphysical and Law of Attraction teaching and training during your personal VIP Experience. This may include handouts and other supportive materials.


Specific healing modality recommendations that laser focus on
what you really need and will benefit from most, saving you time, money and effort

Sign up today and you will get
these priceless bonuses from Sage:


Personalized Intuitive Coaching with Sage and Archangel Michael.
This will be 1-2 weeks after your PsyCAM™ VIP Experience to support you in implementing the incredible guidance you get at your VIP Experience. Or if you are coming in person, it can be done the next day and include angelic Reiki healing to heal your chakras and aura according to your needs as indicated by your PsyCAM™.
Value $360


Within 24 hours of your signing up, Sage will email you the access to the entire Prosperity Power Pack home-study course!
Includes Aligning with Abundance™, Happy Money!™, Dream Job audios, plus the Aligning with Abundance™ Action Guide book and tracking log, and all 147 proven prosperity affirmations printed out.
Value $250


(1) BONUS "ECOACHING" WITH SAGE. Additional follow-up coaching by email for accountability and support


A healthy, organic, gourmet lunch, if you choose to experience your VIP Experience in person. We will do our best to meet your dietary needs. (Sage understands this kind of thing completely as she herself is gluten-free and does not eat mammals out of compassion for her furry friends.)


(1) BONUS MEDITATION AUDIO. For abundance, love or health, according to what you need most


Priority VIP scheduling and discounts on further healing or coaching such as Omnidimensional Healing Modality™ (OHM) or Intuitive Angelic Miracle Healing™ (I AM Healing) as desired or needed.


Total Value of Your
VIP Experience Package = $3,997
Yet truly infinite

What is the value of getting unstuck about
love, career, health, spirituality – all in one week?

Choose a single payment or two payments:

One-Time Single Payment = $2,997

Or make three payments of $1,111.
One as down payment today, $1,111 in 2 weeks, and $1,111 in 4 weeks.

VIP Experiences are scheduled two to four weeks in advance,
so by paying in full or even a portion today, you will be able to "be in the loop" for booking your special VIP Experience with Sage.

You will also receive the preparation assignment
and will have at least 2 weeks in which to complete it,
and Sage will begin special prayers and blessings for you immediately.

If you are hearing that inner voice saying, "This sounds like exactly what I need right now!" If you are feeling a building excitement, a curiosity and a sense that you were guided here for a reason, I look forward to serving you and speaking with you soon!

In Divine Love & Light,


P.S. There will never be a better time to improve your life. You have waited, wondered and worried for too long already. In one week, you will get totally clear about who you are, what you came here to be, do and have, and how to get there.

Do you feel Spirit guided you to this today? If so, sign up now to reserve your VIP Experience with Sage, Archangel Michael and other ascended masters.

If you are struggling, stuck or frustrated, if you need to create major positive change in more than one area of your life, if you are asking yourself: "Now what? How do I get to the next level?" - The is the best investment you can make into really gaining the guidance you need for your transformation.

You will find out exactly what YOU need to do to get unstuck and really in alignment with your best life, the life you came here to live. Sage may also facilitate immediate energy healing to revitalize your aura and can tell you who your guides, totems and/or angels are -
and how to connect with them more consistently for yourself!

You will get to keep the Chakra Map, channeled message of Love, and customized spiritual prescription for your own self-healing -
in all, a complete ROADMAP and personalized program to help you create the life and love of your dreams.

More Rave Kudos + Praise


"I have had so many readings and healings over the years but I have never experienced anything like this. I've found my joy again! Wow!"
~ Bonnie Haas



"Before I started working with you, Sage, I felt lost. I was just existing. You’ve helped me find myself.

My eyes have been opened to a different world, a different way of being. I’m a whole lot more connected with Spirit. I have this giddy feeling! I feel LOVE more and more of the time, love of myself, it’s like I’m in love with God and with life!

You speak the truth like I’ve never heard it before. You are the real deal, honest to goodness, you are the voice of God.

Whatever price you charge, it’d be money well spent. I’ve had Reiki and holistic healing from a lot of other healers, but with you, there is this incredible, loving, comforting energy. You are a wonderful spiritual teacher, counselor and healer.

Anyone who is considering working with you should know this: Sage will empower you more than can even be described or imagined. Sage supports you on your own journey and will even help you see and hear Spirit for yourself. If you want to improve your life and awaken as a spirit, you need to see Sage."

~ Andrea Eastman


Total Value of Your
VIP Experience Package = $3,997
Yet truly infinite

What is the value of remembering who you really ARE, what you came to Planet Earth for, and aligning with your best destiny
– all in one amazing week?

Choose a single payment or two payments:

One-Time Single Payment = $2,997 (Save $2,200)

Or make three payments of $1,111.
One as down payment today, balance two weeks from today.

MAKE PAYMENT CHOICE ABOVE, THEN EMAIL heartsoulhealing@yahoo.com
to schedule your empowering and enlightening PSYCAM™ VIP Experience!

Feeling Called to Get a PsyCAM
But Want a Better Price?

Great News! Sage now offers a PsyCAM at HALF PRICE! (limited number)

Your ACCELERATED PSYCAM includes almost all the features of a full PsyCAM Experience, in one focused Half VIP Day. You'll also receive a follow-up coaching via email and empowering materials and recommendations for stepping forward joyfully into your best life now!

A value of $4,444

Acclerated PsyCAM is now at the special price of only $1,597



For a smaller investment, you can get an Accelerated PsyCAM with Sage & Archangel Michael. While not quite as in-depth as the full PsyCAM Experience, your Accelerated PsyCAM is extremely life-changing and empowering and goes way beyond a typical psychic or intuitive reading.

Your PsyCAM Half VIP Day with Sage and AAM will feature healing and aligning prayer, aura reading & channeling, coaching and recommended reSources. Approximately 3.5 to 4 hours.

Your investment = $1,597

OR (3) payments of $597
(two weeks apart)

Your Half VIP Day with Sage & Archangel Michael includes:

  • Up to 3 hours 1:1 (by phone/Skype, replay also provided)

  • Powerful Angelic Healing Prayer

  • Mini-PsyCAM

  • And/or Omnidimensional Healing or Intuitive Angelic Miracle (I AM) Healing Session

  • Customized Coaching & Metaphysical Instruction

  • (Law of Attraction, Intuitive Development, Self-Love, Energy Mastery, whatever you need, as guided by Spirit)

- Value $1,800


* 1 E-Coaching - 1:1 follow-up intuitive reading, coaching and spiritual teaching for you via email -

Value $150

* Re-SOURCEs as recommended by the Angels -

Value up to $200

Total Value of Your Half VIP Day+ with Sage & Archangel Michael = $2,150

Upon registration, Sage will email you within 48 hours or sooner to schedule your special VIP week/ or your Half VIP Day.

PLEASE NOTE: 6-month and 1-year VIP Healing and Coaching Customized Programs are also available (spaces are extremely limited). The only way to be eligible for these VIP packages is to get a VIP Day/ or Half VIP Day/Mini-.

Sage is no longer offering shorter readings and healing sessions “a la carte” as she and Archangel Michael work in a highly in-depth comprehensive way and you will get the BEST results that absolutely change your life and energy with a half VIP Day or longer VIP experience. [If this is not in your budget, kindly scroll below for other options or set intention, get creative & manifest the resources. It’s amazing how the Universe supports us when we get very strongly committed!


Your Investment


OR (3) payments of $597
(two weeks apart)

"You have slept for
millions and millions of years.
Why not wake up this morning?"

~ Kabir

"It is time to remember who you really are."
- Archangel Michael via SAGE

"Respond to every call
that excites your spirit."

~ Rumi

SAGE is a Spiritual Abundance & Business Coach, Archangel Michael and ascended masters channel, acclaimed author and dynamic speaker specializing in helping women prosper while fulfilling their passionate life purpose. After struggling for a decade to make money as a holistic practitioner after her spiritual awakening in 1994, Sage discovered powerful life-changing methods for aligning with life purpose AND prosperity at the same time.

Over the past 17 years, Sage has helped thousands of clients worldwide make their own leap into freedom and abundance and now makes a 6-figure income working out of her home, while raising 2 children and enjoying a wonderful marriage to her Twin Flame soulmate.

Creator of the P3 "Passion~Purpose~Prosperity!" system and "Prosperous Goddess" programs, Sage quadrupled her right livelihood income in only 90 days using these revolutionary prosperity consciousness tools that bridge Science & Spirit.

SAGE's prosperity products and programs are internationally renowned. Her first book, The Radical Self-Love Workbook, is now in 8 countries. She has presented at many venues including sharing the stage with T. Harv Eker, Barbara DeAngelis and Marianne Williamson at Peak Potentials (an audience of 930). She is also a meditation, self-love, soulmates and intuitive development expert.

More than an intuitive, more than an energy healer, and more than a coach, Sage's clients call her an Intuitive Transformation Catalyst because she moves energy!

Sage specializes in helping spiritual women and Lightworkers make more money while they make more of a difference, prosper, thrive and shine!

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